It takes a global leader to deliver patient-centered solutions everywhere. At AbbVie, we uniquely combine the assets and capabilities of an experienced pharmaceutical company with the flexibility and focus of a biotech to pursue the most meaningful opportunities for patients. The result is a new biopharmaceutical company.





At AbbVie, we believe the world needs new approaches to addressing today’s health issues — from life-threatening illness to chronic conditions. In this pursuit, AbbVie starts a step ahead. We have the strength of 125+ years of patient care, and a focus in developing advanced therapies to address some of the world’s most complex and serious diseases.

AbbVie’s innovative focus on biologics and targeted medicines allows us to use our knowledge and expertise to address difficult conditions that affect significant patient populations. Our priority is our patients, and our mission is to have a remarkable impact on their lives.

At AbbVie, our people bring to life possibilities that create remarkable impact. We are inspired every day by the impact we have and can have — through our products, services, and community partnerships.

With the strength of over 28,000 employees around the world, we are united by our purpose. Together our purpose is to improve healthcare on a global basis. 

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