About Poolia

At Poolia we have been providing companies and organisations with staff - both temporary and permanent - for over 20 years. Our extensive experience means that we really know our job and have been able to refine our working methods and processes, ensuring high quality in everything we do. You will also notice our experience in the speed of our service, providing you with professionals who can start work straight away.

Poolia's success is based on the fact that we constantly strive to achieve the highest quality and that we have specialised in the temporary staffing and permanent placement of qualified staff in our focus areas: Finance & Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, IT & Engineering, Office Support and Executive. Within these areas, we deal with positions at all levels: assistants and clerical officers, middle managers and specialists, and senior executives. These areas are supplemented by Outplacement and Career Development.


Poolia was founded in 1989. The Poolia share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB.

Poolia performs temporary staffing and permanent placement assignments for all kinds of organisations - private and public companies, authorities, public bodies and non profit-making organisations. Our client companies include some of the most attractive workplaces in Europe, which means that we have a healthy flow of qualified candidates who are all searching for that dream job.

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Poolia Finland
Kalevankatu 6
00100 Helsinki
e-mail: firstname.lastname@poolia.fi or info@poolia.fi
TEL: +358 20 7290 830

Poolia Finland MD Esa Rantanen, TEL: +358 500 701 000

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