4 tips for how to keep your business running during the summer

Sometimes, an internal solution can be found to cover the need for staff during the summer, but it is also important that all employees get time off. Hiring summer substitutes can be a beneficial investment. Here is our best tips for how to keep your business running smoothly during the summer.


Plan in advance: Map out your staffing needs well in advance by setting a holiday schedule. This will allow you to identify any gaps that cannot be solved internally and bring in summer substitutes in a timely manner.


Secure staffing early: Today’s candidates have many offers to choose from, so it’s important to hire summer substitutes quickly and review applications at the right time. This way, you won’t miss out on the most eager summer candidates.


Onboard summer staff properly: To ensure that the business runs as usual during the holidays, create good conditions for summer staff by providing a clear and structured onboarding process. Consider training summer substitutes in May, so they have time to get into their tasks while employees can go on holiday in peace. It can also be useful to let summer staff shadow for a short training period before they start working.


Review deadlines: Review deadlines during the summer and set the holiday schedule accordingly. Plan internally and recruit substitutes during the first quarter, so employees will feel confident that they can go on holiday in peace.


By following these tips, you can keep your business running smoothly during the summer and avoid unexpected staff shortages. If you need summer substitutes, contact us and we will help you find qualified candidates for your business.

@Milla Rimpiläinen, marketing

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