About Poolia

Poolia is a staffing and recruitment company but we prefer to see ourselves as experts in finding and matching skills. Because it is always the people who make a difference and it is individuals who create results, the right persons in the right place build successful companies.

Poolia offers a high level of expertise and long experience in recruitment, consulting services, managerial recruitment, managerial development, talent supply and changeover. We have chosen to focus on qualified officials – especially within banking, finance, HR, IT, office, sales and marketing. In these areas, we handle services at all levels: assistants and administrators, middle managers and specialists, as well as senior managers.

Poolia is a staffing and recruitment company. But we prefer to see ourselves as experts in finding and matching skills. Because it is always the people who make a difference. It is individuals who create results. The right individuals in the right place build successful companies.

Our strengths

Poolia has focused for 30 years on one thing, to recruit qualified professionals in the area of office work. This delimitation is our strength and has given us a extensive experience within a range of specialist areas. We understand the companies, their business conditions and we know what is required from the individual. With a quality-assured process, leading digital tools and a unique selection philosophy, we deliver what we promise. High quality staffing.

Our philosophy

The candidate’s CV is important, but is not the whole truth. Poolia’s selection philosophy therefore takes several steps beyond what a regular CV can do. We know that the context is crucial for how well a person performs. Therefore, we conduct detailed tests. We identify driving forces and ambitions. Find the personality that best match the conditions. Only when the overall picture is completed do we not only suggest a suitable individual. We suggest the right individual.

Our vision

A world where people matter – powered by tech

Our mission

We help companies and organizations with recruitment and staffing of qualified skills. Competence that contributes to our customers’ success.

Our guiding principles

Poolia’s guiding principles reflect on how we behave – our company culture. By always acting on the basis of our guiding principles, customers, candidates and other stakeholders will understand who we are and what we stand for.

Our story

In 1989, Björn Örås founded the Ekonompoolen in Stockholm. Three years later a new legislation came into force that deregulated the market of staffing. The following year, the recruitment market was also deregulated and Björn Örås started Teknikpoolen. The businesses grew and in 1997, the strategic decision was made to expand the Econompoolen and Teknikpoolen with other professional groups. The idea was to create a full-range supplier in the staffing industry.

The companies were merged and changed its name to Poolia. At the same time the Kontorsvikarien was acquired, which changed its name to Poolia Kontor. In 1999 Poolia was introduced on the stock exchange and in the same year, the business area Law was created, which made Poolia the first in Sweden with recruitment and staffing in legal services.

The new strategy turns out to be successful and in 2000 Poolia became Sweden’s most rapidly growing company and the third largest staffing company in the country. At the same time, the business expanded to Denmark and Finland. The expansion continued the following year when Poolia acquired Competence Sköterskejouren, which became Poolia Vård, and at the same time established itself in Germany through the acquisition of A&Z.

In 2002, the market is rocking in the aftermath of the cracked IT bubble. A new strategy, with the aim of returning to the company’s core business is presented. Poolia will now only focus on what is the company’s heart: recruitment and staffing of qualified officials. The other operations, especially warehouses and industry, are placed in a separate company, Uniflex. Poolia Care and Poolia Doctor after a while also become their own company, Dedicare.

Both companies are distributed to the shareholders at a later stage. Poolia Executive Search 2011 will also be launched in line with the focus, while the company will establish offices in Umeå and Sundsvall.

2018 Poolia and Uniflex are merged and now belong to the same group.

Today Poolia is one of the most popular and well-known brands in the industry, with a turnover of SEK 600 million and 1500 employees in four countries. Only in Sweeden Poolia carries out more than 1,000 recruitments and 2,200 staffing per year.

Poolia was founded in 1989. The Poolia share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm AB.