Wirepas Mesh Linux Gateway Developer

Our client Wirepas is looking for a Wirepas Mesh Linux Gateway Developer to work with the best IoT technology and product in the world. See, what everyday work is like at Wirepas, and get to know Mom!

Job description 

Do you want to be part of building something new? We have a challenge: we are a hidden gem – no one knows about us! And that must change! If you are hungry and enthusiastic about bringing something truly unique to the digitizing world, you are the wizard we are looking for. Our main product is wireless mesh technology that can connect the unconnected in the world of IoT.

What we need is a Wirepas Mesh Linux Gateway Developer and you will play a crucial role in implementing and enhancing the critical functionality connecting Wirepas backend services with the Wirepas Mesh network. Your embedded Linux expertise will contribute to the success of our innovative non-cellular 5G technology, enabling affordable and efficient connectivity for massive IoT networks. Your role extends beyond traditional embedded development, reaching into the core of our groundbreaking technology. Your contributions will directly impact the seamless connection of millions of devices in a single network, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure and traditional operators.

We hope you will be located near the Tampere office to facilitate active participation in testing activities and on-site collaboration with the development team.

As a Wirepas Mesh Linux Gateway Developer, you will be responsible for

  • Designing, implementing, maintaining, and releasing the functionality of our Wirepas Mesh Linux Gateway software.
  • Leveraging proficiency in wireless Linux systems to optimize gateway communication and connectivity.
  • Utilizing Docker containers for efficient deployment, scalability, and management of gateway software components.
  • Conducting C-based embedded development to create high-performance and resource-efficient gateway software.
  • Effectively using GitHub for version control, collaboration, and releasing of Linux Gateway software.
  • Collaborating with the testing team to coordinate and conduct gateway software tests, ensuring compatibility with diverse hardware configurations and test networks.
  • Driving tests in test networks and hardware environments, validating the performance and functionality of gateway software in real-world scenarios.

For this role we are hoping you to master  

  • Good understanding of the standard Linux distributions and the use of Docker containers for efficient deployment and scalability.
  • Familiarity with version control systems, particularly GitHub.
  • Motivated to write flexible, reusable and portable code in C and Python.
  • A good domain of spoken and written English.

In return, we offer you: 

  • The world’s happiest working culture: Nordic work culture of trust, responsibility, freedom, and value for flat hierarchies.
  • Locational flexibility and hybrid work. If you rather meet colleagues in real life and enjoy the office atmosphere but also want to work from home some days, that’s an option too.
  • Challenging work in the technology field. Not just fridges on the internet, but with real impact.
  • Genuinely international working culture with the best talents and bright minds.
  • Indefinite contract with a competitive salary, benefits and geeky colleagues.

More information

The role is permanent, and the work starts as soon as the right candidate is found; we wish you to send your CV, application and salary request as soon as possible. If you have questions about the role or recruitment process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Wirepas recruitment partner Janette Andersson or Elina Leskinen from Poolia:

Janette Andersson: janette@poolia.fi, tel +358 20 7290 839
Elina Leskinen: elina@poolia.fi, tel +358 20 7290 835

Please note that we do not accept applications by email!

Very very good IoT

We believe that top-notch, affordable connectivity is every company’s right! We have a very very good technology and product. Like, the best in the world. It can connect millions of devices affordably in one network, without big infrastructure and operators.  

You may be thinking: “No, not more of that IoT shit.” IoT is our business and we’ve made it The Shit. We actually can solve the problems for real, for once and for all. And it does not stop there. We are the inventors of the first non-cellular 5G, too – as good as cellular, just much cheaper. We are a leading IoT connectivity company focused on massive IoT networks, serving customers across the world with offices in Australia, Germany, Finland, France, India, and the United States.

NB! By applying for this position, you allow us to retain and use your information according to our data protection and register description.

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